[chuck-users] newbie questions

Daniel L Trueman (dtrueman@Princeton.EDU) dtrueman at Princeton.EDU
Wed Jun 21 23:49:32 EDT 2006

ok, newbie chucker here, with dumb questions:

1. is it true that the archives for this list are not searchable? i would be most delighted to avoid asking dumb questions by 
searching the archives first.

2. confused is me trying to set some STK time parameters. for instance:

noise n => ADSR e => dac;
400::ms => dur t => e.attackTime;

doesn't work, which is ok since i know:

.4 => e.attackTime;

does work, but it would make more sense to me to be able to send durs around consistently, especially when i see something 
like this:

noise n => Envelope e => dac;
std.rand2f(10,500)::ms => dur t => e.duration;

that works. now, things become more mysterious when i find that "duration" is not documented online as part of Envelope,  
which makes me wonder if i'm missing something, and also wonder what other interesting things remain undocumented. is it 
just that some of the STK ugens have been extended to take durs, but not all?

most joyfully attempting to chuck,

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