[chuck-users] MIDI port aliases

Bruce Murphy pack-chucklist at rattus.net
Sat Jun 24 13:57:59 EDT 2006

UNder Mac OS X, CoreMIDI provides really nifty aliases for ports which
are plugged into named devices. This permits them to be easily
identified by users with multiple interfaces. These mappings are 
set up in the audiomid tool by creating devices and setting up wiring
The mappings are also useful for named virtual ports created by other
MIDI aware applications.

COreMIDI also provides an interface for getting the name of the
MIDI device providing the port which can further aid identification. IT
would be really nice if the chuck probe stuff actually provided this 
feature. It would be equally nice if a MIDI port open had a "name matching
this string" facility, so devices could be moved around between
interfaces and provided you had updated audiomidi, all the chuck
software looking for that device would Just Work.


Packrat (BSc/BE;COSO;Wombat Implementor)
Nihil illegitemi carbovndvm

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