[chuck-users] MIDI port aliases

Ge Wang gewang at CS.Princeton.EDU
Tue Jun 27 17:39:03 EDT 2006

Hi Bruce!

Named MIDI device discovery seemed like a good idea, especially
since device numbers are not static.  We will put this on the TODO
list for a few releases down the line, alone with virtual MIDI devices.



On Jun 24, 2006, at 1:57 PM, Bruce Murphy wrote:

> UNder Mac OS X, CoreMIDI provides really nifty aliases for ports which
> are plugged into named devices. This permits them to be easily
> identified by users with multiple interfaces. These mappings are
> set up in the audiomid tool by creating devices and setting up wiring
> The mappings are also useful for named virtual ports created by other
> MIDI aware applications.
> COreMIDI also provides an interface for getting the name of the
> MIDI device providing the port which can further aid identification. IT
> would be really nice if the chuck probe stuff actually provided this
> feature. It would be equally nice if a MIDI port open had a "name 
> matching
> this string" facility, so devices could be moved around between
> interfaces and provided you had updated audiomidi, all the chuck
> software looking for that device would Just Work.
> Thoughts?
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