[chuck-users] current bug summary (partial, obviously)

Atte André Jensen atte.jensen at gmail.com
Tue Jun 27 19:54:46 EDT 2006

Ge Wang wrote:

> Done.  It will be in the next release.  Now in CVS.

This reminds me: what's the CVS policy (not asking for guarentees!)? 
Would it make sense at all (for me) to grab from cvs and actually expect 
to 1) compile it 2) use it 3) trust it (probably not)?

The reason I'm asking is that there are different ways of working with 
cvs. Csound5 is almost always very, very stable from cvs (I've been 
running cvs grabs for over two years) whereas Om some/most of the time 
won't even compile...

BTW: Ge, it's good to have you back. (pun intented, probably heard before).

peace, love & harmony

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