[chuck-users] improving the emacs mode

Atte André Jensen atte.jensen at gmail.com
Wed Jun 28 04:51:03 EDT 2006


I'm very fond of the (recent) emacs mode. But I think a few improvements 
could/should be made:

1) On http://wiki.cs.princeton.edu/index.php/ChucK/Dev/Tools the recent 
mode is pasted into the wiki. I had trouble downloading (or rather 
copying/pasting) it and getting it to work. A link to an external 
download would be better. Maybe it could even be part of the chuck 

2) Indention could/should be improved:
a) Loading a chuck file messes up the indention, even if the indention 
was made by the mode itself.
b) Some valid placements of brackets are not handled correctly by the 
mode, for instance:
	// always
     } else {
     // never
c) Indention of comments are a bit strange. If I put "//" at the very 
beginning of an intented line, the mode will indent the "//"s the the 
correct place. Maybe it would be better to simply disregard commented 
out lines when doing indention.

3) Comment-region and Uncomment-region doesn't work. It seems its only a 
matter of defining a comment character...

4) Syntax highlighting highlights special words if they're used in a 
variable with underscore. Example: "my_spork_function".

I'd be happy to correct some of this myself, but my lisp skills are 
practically non-existing. I googled for something helpful to get started 
with elisp, but failed to find anything. If anyone has links to 
information about making (or hacking) emacs-modes, especially something 
that would help me address the above mentioned issues, I'd be delighted.

peace, love & harmony

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