[chuck-users] improving the emacs mode

Graham Coleman gc at gehennom.net
Wed Jun 28 20:23:22 EDT 2006


The original chuck-mode.el was written by Mikael Johansson in 2004.
More recently, I picked it up and fixed a few things that weren't working
for me: the on-the-fly commands seemed to be broken because of
call-process arg differences between the original mode and my version of

I meant to make some more fun changes, but love audicle too much to
spend too much time on it yet.

My working copy is maintained here:

The indentation is definitely a little off, I never learned the specifics
of how to hack that stuff.

As far as guidance for hacking elisp, the elisp-manual is it:



On Wed, 28 Jun 2006, Atte André Jensen wrote:

> Hi
> I'm very fond of the (recent) emacs mode. But I think a few improvements
> could/should be made:
> 1) On http://wiki.cs.princeton.edu/index.php/ChucK/Dev/Tools the recent
> mode is pasted into the wiki. I had trouble downloading (or rather
> copying/pasting) it and getting it to work. A link to an external
> download would be better. Maybe it could even be part of the chuck
> download...
> 2) Indention could/should be improved:
> a) Loading a chuck file messes up the indention, even if the indention
> was made by the mode itself.
> b) Some valid placements of brackets are not handled correctly by the
> mode, for instance:
> while(true){
>      if(true){
> 	// always
>      } else {
>      // never
> }
> }
> c) Indention of comments are a bit strange. If I put "//" at the very
> beginning of an intented line, the mode will indent the "//"s the the
> correct place. Maybe it would be better to simply disregard commented
> out lines when doing indention.
> 3) Comment-region and Uncomment-region doesn't work. It seems its only a
> matter of defining a comment character...
> 4) Syntax highlighting highlights special words if they're used in a
> variable with underscore. Example: "my_spork_function".
> I'd be happy to correct some of this myself, but my lisp skills are
> practically non-existing. I googled for something helpful to get started
> with elisp, but failed to find anything. If anyone has links to
> information about making (or hacking) emacs-modes, especially something
> that would help me address the above mentioned issues, I'd be delighted.
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