[chuck-users] ADSR modulation question

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Thu Jun 29 17:01:56 EDT 2006

> Good idea. The tutorial section is highly lacking at this point. I
> will try my best to write something up to add. If you have any code
> or insights that you would like to share that could help this
> tutorial please send them along and I will try to add them to the
> manual.

Very good. "Buchla v.s. Serge" as a analogy is probably too obscure
for most even if it's basically the origin of this sort of question.
Perhaps it would be good to have a better analogy.

I'd be very happy to proof-read your atempt and add to it where I
might have some ideas. Right now I don't have any good clear example
code that doesn't also involve realy strange stuff I was trying out
myself. Perhaps it'd be good to have some example of a sinosc used as
a LFO? Maybe something involving a saw osc made with a counter and a
modulo function too? We need some realy simple sweeping oscs because
with those it's easy to hear what's going on, also to demostrate the
effect of various controll rates and maybe even aliassing of "cv"

This stuff involves both the fundamentals of simple modulated sounds
and the fundamentals of computer music so I imagine a section like
that would get quite large very quickly and it'd need some solid
proof-reading before we get all kinds of strange ideas into the
Princeton students....

I'll have a look at the curent version of step's documentation. Not
even sure wether it curently notes how step is similar to a S&H
module, I think that's a interesting perspective on it to explain it
to people coming from a modular synths background.


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