[chuck-users] hid

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Fri Jun 30 08:00:57 EDT 2006

Well, my own (wintel) laptop has paralel, serial and USB already so
I'll be fine for now. What I meant was that I was under the impression
that computer shops would sell usb-paralel converters for a few bucks
that would have generalised drivers and would make the whole point of
the new Macs lacking old ports moot. I mean; cameras, joypads and
heaven knows what plug into computers without the need for any drivers
these days so I asumed the same whould hold true for ports. I would be
very surprised if that wouldn't be true. I'd also be surprised if this
would cost more then 10 or so Euro.

This would give everybody blinking leds as opposed to just those with
laptops that have oldfashioned ports (which is getting increasingly
rare regardless of of the brand).


> You could do that, but it would require you to build (or find) a
> device with a USB controller to do the job for you, which'll cost you
> time, and a little money. (As opposed to the PC's parallell port where
> you more or less would be fine with a few pieces of wire and a few
> diodes.)
> But it's all a matter of dedication, of course, you wouldn't be the
> first one to create a USB device.

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