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Are there any hardware hackers in the crowd?  I would love to hear
about the crazy interfaces anyone has connected to Chuck.  I've
started an experimental music/multimedia group here in NYC quite
recently and people have some interest in using computers with
homebrew interfaces.  (By the way, I'm introducing them to Chuck  ;-)
)  Anyway, I'd love to hear some anecdotes about adventures with Chuck
and human interface hardware.  Or pictures?

Oh, and anyone in area who wants to participate is more than welcome.


On 6/30/06, Kassen <signal.automatique at gmail.com> wrote:
> Well, my own (wintel) laptop has paralel, serial and USB already so
> I'll be fine for now. What I meant was that I was under the impression
> that computer shops would sell usb-paralel converters for a few bucks
> that would have generalised drivers and would make the whole point of
> the new Macs lacking old ports moot. I mean; cameras, joypads and
> heaven knows what plug into computers without the need for any drivers
> these days so I asumed the same whould hold true for ports. I would be
> very surprised if that wouldn't be true. I'd also be surprised if this
> would cost more then 10 or so Euro.
> This would give everybody blinking leds as opposed to just those with
> laptops that have oldfashioned ports (which is getting increasingly
> rare regardless of of the brand).
> Kas.
> > You could do that, but it would require you to build (or find) a
> > device with a USB controller to do the job for you, which'll cost you
> > time, and a little money. (As opposed to the PC's parallell port where
> > you more or less would be fine with a few pieces of wire and a few
> > diodes.)
> > But it's all a matter of dedication, of course, you wouldn't be the
> > first one to create a USB device.
> >
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