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There are a few examples of filtering that come with ChucK. The best  
ones are wind.ck and wind2.ck, as well as powerup.ck.

To understand what is going on you will have to look at STK and/or  
Perry Cook's book Real Sound Synthesis. The general filter object is  
just a placeholder from my understanding. You can check out OnePole  
and TwoPole to do simple filtering.

As for using other oscillators, in the manual there is a tutorial on  
extending basic patches that (I think) covers this topic. This is one  
of those really attractive features about ChucK. Since the api for  
each Subclass of UGen or object is fairly similar (if not exact) you  
can usually just change the type declaration and everything will work!

sinosc s => dac;

sqrosc s => dac;

and most things will just work.

I hope this helps.


On 30-Jun-06, at 1:48 PM, Atte André Jensen wrote:

> Hi
> I'm just a simple guy, and I haven't got a clue what's up with the
> filters available in chuck. Poles and zeros and stuff...
> I'd appreciate if someone could:
> 1) Give an example of how to set up (something that in my simple brain
> is called) a low pass filter with/without resonance and a highpass
> filter with/without resonace.
> 2) Could direct me towards mind-expanding online information that  
> might
> allow me to actually understand a fraction of what's going on?
> And while we're at it: I see no examples using either sawosc or  
> sqrosc.
> I know how to use those though (just need some filters), but, still at
> the risk of seeming extremely conservative, wouldn't a classic, analog
> synth style patch (saw > low pass filter > envelope) or two be a nice
> and possible addition? Maybe someone even has such a simple example
> (involving filtering) that I could take a look at or we could throw on
> the wiki?
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