[chuck-users] recording with rec.ck: stereo and clipping

Graham Coleman gc at gehennom.net
Sat Mar 4 11:30:01 EST 2006

Several problems I've noticed recording from command-line chuck

1. All the UGens in my chucKestra are connected to pan2 objects, then
the dac, but the recording comes out mono (standard rec.ck).

Is this due to the way stereo and mono ugens connect together? Is there
some way I can get the stereo recording from the console?

2. I often get digital clipping on a few samples in a several minute
piece. It seems like a job for some dynamics or soft clipping at the end
of the chain, right? Is there something I can use?

I guess I could try writing a sample-level limiter in ChucK.

(One reason this may be happening is that the center or DC of the waveform
seems to drift up and down towards the edges without being too loud,
lately I've been using lots of FMVoices with reverb. This seems different
from what a recorded sound would do)



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