[chuck-users] recording with rec.ck: stereo and clipping

Perry R Cook prc at CS.Princeton.EDU
Sat Mar 4 11:45:32 EST 2006


Not sure on stereo, but you can probably fix your clipping
problem by inserting a DC Blocking filter in the chain.
There's a method provided for the PoleZero unitgenerator
called .blockZero that sets the coefficients.  Try 0.99
or so:

impulse i => PoleZero dcb => dac;

0.99 => dcb.blockZero;

while (1)       {
     1.0 => i.next;
     2.0 :: ms => now;

On Sat, 4 Mar 2006, Graham Coleman wrote:

> Several problems I've noticed recording from command-line chuck
> (win32):
> 1. All the UGens in my chucKestra are connected to pan2 objects, then
> the dac, but the recording comes out mono (standard rec.ck).
> Is this due to the way stereo and mono ugens connect together? Is there
> some way I can get the stereo recording from the console?
> 2. I often get digital clipping on a few samples in a several minute
> piece. It seems like a job for some dynamics or soft clipping at the end
> of the chain, right? Is there something I can use?
> I guess I could try writing a sample-level limiter in ChucK.
> (One reason this may be happening is that the center or DC of the waveform
> seems to drift up and down towards the edges without being too loud,
> lately I've been using lots of FMVoices with reverb. This seems different
> from what a recorded sound would do)
> best,
> Graham
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