[chuck-users] recording with rec.ck: stereo and clipping

Ge Wang gewang at CS.Princeton.EDU
Sat Mar 4 15:54:49 EST 2006

Hi Graham and all,

> Yes. The patch you are using is the mono version. Search for rec2.ck
> in the examples, it is stereo.

Wait, the rec2.ck isn't there anymore.

> The convention is to have a .L and a .R file. You can combine these 
> together into a stereo track in Audacity or ecasound or some other 
> audio editor or processor. This did show up on the mailing list around 
> November 05. Try searching the archives for more details.

Here is the link.  We are definitely going to improve things so we can 
record to multi-channel.  By the way, supports real-time 
multi-channel audio.  A multi-channel sndbuf/WvOut are on the way, but 
probably won't be in the next release.  Stay tuned.



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