[chuck-users] honking STK Ugens

Graham Coleman gc at gehennom.net
Sat Mar 4 17:48:20 EST 2006

Some of the STK UGens seem to "honk" if you don't send them an initial
noteOff message. Here is an illustration:

FMVoices inst => PRCRev rev => dac;

//inst.noteOff( 0.5 );
2::second => now;

for (0=>int i; ; i++) {

	if ( i%2 == 0 ) 440 => inst.freq;
	else 880 => inst.freq;
	inst.noteOn( 0.5 );

	1::second => now;

I count FMVoices, Mandolin, VoicForm, Moog, BeeThree, HevyMetl,
and PercFlut that do this.

Also, PercFlut, BlowHole, and TubeBell seem to have some funny ideas of



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