[chuck-users] honking STK Ugens

Perry R Cook prc at CS.Princeton.EDU
Sat Mar 4 20:17:24 EST 2006

> I count FMVoices, Mandolin, VoicForm, Moog, BeeThree, HevyMetl,
> and PercFlut that do this.

Honking is probably right on the ones you mention,
due to setup conditions.  We'll check on this.

> Also, PercFlut, BlowHole, and TubeBell seem to have some funny ideas of
> pitch.

This is more subtle.  PercFlut and Tubebell are
FM model, but since they're both inharmonic,
how one person perceives the pitch might be different
than how another does.

BlowHole is a physical model, and thus, like Brass,
Flute, and others, might not produce the pitch you
expect at any given time (just like a real instrument).


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