[chuck-users] benchmarking chuck

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Tue May 2 18:09:29 EDT 2006

On 5/2/06, Perry R Cook <prc at cs.princeton.edu> wrote:
> Yep, I just showed the original code to Ge, and he
> verified that you are only using one sineosc (s1), but
> connecting it multiple times to the dac, through the
> array.  So the clicking begins when the multiple
> connections to the dac finally take up enough
> time.  Mine clicks at about 450 on my PowerBook.

Is that realy what's going on? I was wondering about that. I never
realised arrays can hold audio signals. Can they? Does this make them
work like a sort of multiplexer or more like a mixer? I'm quite
baffled by that line in the original example. Aparently the VM is fine
with it; if I were the VM I probably would have complained but now I'm
wondering exactly what it is that the VM thinks we are trying to do
here and what the use of it would be. Do I gather from your reply that
when we send a array to a ugen the ugen will get a sort of sum of all
that's conatained by the array to it's input?

As far as mistakes go I think Eduard made a very interesting one and
I'd love to hear what we could do with this when not making mistakes.


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