[chuck-users] newbie confusion

plutek plutek at infinity.net
Wed May 10 21:44:49 EDT 2006

obviously i'm a complete newbie here.... could someone please explain to me why the inner loop in this code is not terminated by the outer loop, after ten seconds:

now + 10::second => time later;

while( now < later ) 
        while( 1::second => now )
                <<< now, "inner loop" >>>;

i suppose i'm victim to some horribly wrong assumption about How Things Work, which brings up my other question:
is there some material somewhere (more than just the tutorials) which would take me deeper into a general understanding of the mechanics of coding in ChucK? the language reference is excellent, but doesn't help one to learn how to put all the details together into coherent code. i do have a decent understanding of the principles of synthesis, so it's really questions of logic flow, semantics, and style that concern me. i don't know if material related to other languages will be applicable, due to the strongly-timed nature of ChucK.

any advice? (other than enrolling in princeton)  :-)

many thanks in advance!


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