[chuck-users] multi channel and EMU under XP?

Ge Wang gewang at CS.Princeton.EDU
Wed May 17 18:02:59 EDT 2006

Hi Kassen and all,

> Has anybody gotten the multi-channel stuff to work with one of the EMU 
> cards that use Patchmix under XP?

A more general question: Who has gotten multi-channel in ChucK working 
under windows XP?  What brands/models of soundcards?  Multi-channel ChucK 
works fine for us under OS X (Edirol interface), but we have not been able 
to test it much on XP or Linux.  Perhaps knowing what else works (or not) 
will help us learn more about the EMU, Patchmix situation under XP.

> I dug through a stack of online posts and it seems that in the past 
> these cards had issues with multi channel DX but right now Winamp is set 
> to "primary sound driver" and does a perfect job of playing a six 
> channel wave file while ChucK --probe doesn't get beyond 2 channels on 
> any of the devices it sees. I use a1616m but I think the drivers are 
> basically the same for all of them.

Does winamp have the option of using DirectSound as the output (the 
primary sound driver belongs to winmm, I think)?


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