[chuck-users] multi channel and EMU under XP?

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Wed May 17 18:30:54 EDT 2006


> A more general question: Who has gotten multi-channel in ChucK working
> under windows XP?  What brands/models of soundcards?

Well, yeah, that's a good question too. I had sorta kinda asumed that
if nobody complained it should probably work generally. I know for a
fact that the EMU's used to have issues with non-asio multi channel.
EMU tried to get out of it saying they were "professional cards", then
there were lots of complaints from people working profesionally on
DVD's and it's supposed to be sorted now.

> Does winamp have the option of using DirectSound as the output (the
> primary sound driver belongs to winmm, I think)?

In fact Winamp does. I got one six channel wave file for testing and
in winamp the "primary sound driver" works perfectly that way. The
DirectSound one stripped it to the first two channels (no down mix).
This bothered me a little but chuck --probe doesn't mention any Direct
Sound and does mention the "primary sound driver" so this is why I
started to suspect ChucK might be to blame.

I'm starting to suspect the Windows "consumer" sound standards are a
little bit more of a jungle then they pretend to be. Still; there must
be some straightforward way because I think these days you get a
surround system aimed at wintel computers for free with three boxes of
cereals. I have no idea at all how those people make sense of this
stuff but seemingly they do.


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