[chuck-users] Looping in Chuck and installing problems

Hans Leeuw h.j.leeuw at chello.nl
Fri May 26 19:05:27 EDT 2006

Hi list,

I am working with the miniAudicle and I must say I am very pleased and
impressed with the editor and the "On the fly" possibilities thus far.
Working through the Chuck manual it is quite easy to start programming and I
already got some interesting sounding patches (especially using the
possibilities of multiple shreds). I could not find a way though to work
with buffers and looping as in Max/MSP or Super Collider (without writing
audio to disk first). Is this to be implemented in the future or is there a
way to do this already?

Audicle and miniAudicle are installed and worked fine (except for loading
soundfiles). If I want to use the chuck commandline in the terminal (MacOs
10.3.9) I get this message when trying to start the virtual machine with
chuck --loop:

cannot bind to tcp port 8888...

I think chuck must be installed properly because the command chuck --help
gives me this message:

usage: chuck --[options|commands] [+-=^] file1 file2 file3 ...
   [options] = halt|loop|audio|silent|dump|nodump|about|
   [commands] = add|remove|replace|status|time|kill
   [+-=^] = shortcuts for add, remove, replace, status

chuck version: (dracula)

Is there anybody who can explain this?

Best, Hans.

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