[chuck-users] Looping in Chuck and installing problems

Hans Leeuw h.j.leeuw at chello.nl
Fri May 26 22:04:30 EDT 2006

Thanks Spencer, Joerg and Kassen,

It worked (see under live-sampling with a 2 second buffer). I had to use the
Delay trick because I could not address adc directly. That would be more
elegant I think (and saves computing time). Does any of you have a solution
to that as well? Or is there even a more elegant solution.

float array[82400];

adc => Delay d => blackhole;
0::second => d.delay;
impulse i => dac;

for ( 0 => int sample; sample < 82400 ; sample++ )
    d.last() => array[sample];
    1::samp => now;

for ( 0 => int sample; sample < 82400 ; sample++ )
    array[sample] => i.next;
    1::samp => now;

On 27/5/06 2:07 am, "Spencer Salazar" <ssalazar at princeton.edu> wrote:

> On May 26, 2006, at 7:05 PM, Hans Leeuw wrote:
>> Hi list,
>> I am working with the miniAudicle and I must say I am very pleased and
>> impressed with the editor and the "On the fly" possibilities thus far.
> Awesome!
>> I could not find a way though to work
>> with buffers and looping as in Max/MSP or Super Collider (without
>> writing
>> audio to disk first). Is this to be implemented in the future or is
>> there a
>> way to do this already?
> As has been mentioned, you could try filling a big array with samples
> from whichever ugen your are using, and then feed that into an
> impulse ugen.
>> Audicle and miniAudicle are installed and worked fine (except for
>> loading
>> soundfiles).
> What is the problem you are having loading soundfiles?  If youre
> getting "could not stat file ..." errors, it could be because older
> versions of miniAudicle basically required absolute pathnames to be
> supplied to sndbuf ugens.  The most recent version of miniAudicle
> lets you change the current directory, in the preferences, so that
> pathnames are interpreted relative to that directory.
> Im not as familiar with the Audicle but I imagine sndbuf errors might
> result from similar relative filename issues, depending on where/how
> you invoked the Audicle.
>> If I want to use the chuck commandline in the terminal (MacOs
>> 10.3.9) I get this message when trying to start the virtual machine
>> with
>> chuck --loop:
>> cannot bind to tcp port 8888...
> the ChucK on-the-fly commands operate by communicating through a
> standard TCP port, 8888.  Are you perhaps running another application
> at the same time that uses this port?  That would cause this sort of
> conflict.
> For example, the miniAudicle actually also uses port 8888 to accept
> remote on the fly commands, so if you were running miniAudicle and
> then tried to run chuck --loop, you would get that error.  If that is
> what is happening, you can disable this functionality in the
> miniAudicle preferences and chuck --loop should work.
> hope this helps
> spencer
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