[chuck-users] quiting chuck from chuck and saving reference to function

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Tue Nov 7 19:11:17 EST 2006

> here i am again with a couple of questions :
> A : is it possible to quit Chuck from Chuck? I need to quit chuck when a
> certain osc message arrives, and i was wondering if there is a command
> to do this.

How about using the comand (forgot it's name) to call something from the OS
and use it to call "chuck --kill"?

B: can i store references to functions in variables? similar to the python:
> def myfunc():
>         dowhatever
> myvar = myfunc
> myvar()

I don't think so, since they aren't objects they can't be asigned (to my
knowledge). As a work around you could write a function that would have the
new name and just pass on the variables to the older one? I don't realy
understand the purpose from your example though.

Hope that was of some help,
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