[chuck-users] quiting chuck from chuck and saving reference to function

altern altern2 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 9 21:46:44 EST 2006

I just needed this, setting variable off to 1 exits the main loop. I am 
still confused with ChucK ;) so i guess i did not asked the question in 
the right way.

0=>int off;
	0.2::second => now;

Kassen wrote:
> Hi, list,
> I'd like to come back to quitting ChucK from within ChucK for a second 
> because I was thinking about it before going to sleep.
> If for a moment we asume we realy want to do it from withingChucK and so 
> ignore asking the OS and we don't like crashing then the only thing left 
> is killing all shreds by ID. This would be fine except that you can't 
> get the highest shred id.
> I thought of a little trick that might be of some use or entertainment 
> value. What could be done is writing a seperate file that uppon entering 
> the VM would ask the VM for it's own shred ID (which would be the 
> highest one at that point), then kill every shred up to that number 
> without advancing time.
> It would be quite important to do this as a machine.add of a seperate 
> file and not as a sporked function because part of the problem is that 
> if we would kill the parent in that case that would also be the end of 
> our "killer". It would also be important to have the shred that would 
> add this file yield right after doing so to avoid other processes adding 
> more files in the meantime; anything that's not a child shred and has a 
> id over the killer shred's would survive.
> Advantages; will kill everything in the VM without calls to the OS or 
> crashes, doesn't require all code to be prepared for this. Disadvantage; 
> will leave a empty VM in case it was told to "--loop".
> Note from personal experience; if you make a way to kill the whole 
> system in a setup that also uses MIDI it's best to first end all MIDI 
> notes....
> Might be of use to someone, some time, so I thought I'd share.
> Kas.
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