[chuck-users] eval and concatenating strings

Spencer Salazar ssalazar at CS.Princeton.EDU
Tue Nov 14 03:12:28 EST 2006

Hi Enrike,

On Nov 13, 2006, at 9:08 PM, altern wrote:

> hi again
> here i am with couple of questions again.
> is there a way to concatenate strings? I am trying different ways with
> no much luck and i have checked the docs but i could not find a way  
> to it.

Not at the moment... this is a high priority on the ChucK wish list,  

> another issue is:
> is there a way to eval a string as code like in python or  
> actionscript?

Also not at the moment... with string operations and the also highly  
desirable file i/o this would be somewhat possible to do, though.

> The questions come from some commands i am forced to type over and  
> over
> despite of being almost identical
> recv.event("/0/mute, i") @=> OscEvent mute0_osc;
> the only difference of the number (0 in this case) for each of the
> sample players i have constructed
> Would it be possible to create variables on the fly from concatenated
> strings?
> I mean something like (in wish code)
> for (0 => int n; n < 8; n++){
> 	"/" + Std.itoa(n) + "/mute, i" @=> string address; //concatenate  
> string
> 	recv.event(address) @=> OscEvent Std.eval("mute"+ Std.itoa(n) +
> "_osc"); //concatenate and eval string
> }

I think code like this is really powerful and really useful, but  
unfortunately it sort of throws a big huge wrench into the type  
systems of languages like ChucK.  So, to be honest, I don't see  
something like this usage of Std.eval becoming possible in the near  

For what it's worth, once string operations are fully implemented,  
something resembling this will be possible:

OscEvent mute_osc[8];
for (0 => int n; n < 8; n++){
	"/" + Std.itoa(n) + "/mute, i" @=> string address; //concatenate string
	recv.event(address) @=> mute_osc[n];

This is similar to your wish code, though not as dynamic or flexible  
of course.


> thanks
> enrike
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