[chuck-users] running chuck as a process with no terminal?

altern altern2 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 16 03:09:21 EST 2006

Cesare Marilungo wrote:
> altern wrote:
>> hi
>> joerg piringer wrote:
>>> yes, i use wxExecute (the c++ version).
>>> you can also capture the output with it but i don't know how this works 
>>> in wxPython. sometimes the two APIs are quite different.
>> yes it does work fine with wxpython, i tested it briefly today.
>>> i think there are examples of wxPython and opengl if you download the 
>>> wxPython-Demo & examples. i've only tried pygame/SDL & wxPython which 
>>> works fine.
>> Yes i know about those examples but i want something more complex which 
>> involves using sizers and grids and there it gets more confusing.
>>> your project sound interesting so far. what do you try to achieve? just 
>>> being curios...
>> ok here you are some info : I am working in two levels, on the one hand 
>> i am part of this project to develop experimental interfaces for music . 
>> www.ixi-software.net
>> as a part of that we have been developing over the last couple of years 
>> a python graphic toolkit to create our applications, this is the result 
>> so far http://www.ixi-software.net/mirra
>> It uses pygame by default but in a second step of the development I want 
>> to be able to have a opengl canvas in a specific area of the application 
>> and have normal wxpython GUI elements such as buttons, menus, drag and 
>> drop etc... This is where i am now.
> Hey.
> I've done a similar thing. Except it runs on top of SDL and it is also 3D:
> http://www.cesaremarilungo.com/sw/devachan
> Give it a try. It could be modified to draw on a wxwidget with very 
> minimal effort. Unfortunately the MacOsX support is still a bit 
> incomplete. It works but it is a poor hack.

interesting. i am downloading it now.

> By the way, now I'm working again in python. I'm realizing a 2d library 
> to make some audio applications (even to interact with chuck, of course) 
> using the pygtk library and cairo for the drawings.

even more interesting... any links?

> My advice, if you don't need 3d is to avoid opengl and try something 
> like cairo, which is more suited for this purpose. You'll get better 
> support for fonts and such and it is more stable than opengl especially 
> when you're using it as an interface to make music in realtime.

I thought about this few months ago for a while, didnt do any tests. I 
think I didnt go very far because on mac you need to compile yourself 
the pycairo library. If I want this to be used by students I cannot 
really ask them to compile stuff. At most run an installer.
But, what about performance and CPU usage? is it similar to opengl? what 
about running on different platforms?


> Ciao,
> c.
>> Up to now i was working on PD for the sound engine using OSC to 
>> communicate. But recently I decided to give a go to ChucK as I was 
>> frustrated with some issues on PD. Since I discovered the joys of ChucK 
>> I am working towards integrating Mirra+ChucK, this is the application i 
>> am developing at the moment where I am testing the whole system. 
>> http://devel.goto10.org/svn/ixi/python/slicer
>> The chuck patch is in the data folder, not very complex stuff yet. 
>> Hopefully once I get the wxpython right again (it was ok but stopped 
>> working at some point) it will have a menu, status bar and importing 
>> dialogues. And again all this has to work in all platforms ...
>> :)
>> enrike

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