[chuck-users] ChucK on the radio

Graham Coleman gc at gehennom.net
Wed Nov 22 15:00:15 EST 2006

ChucK radioheads,

I'll be doing some live music on WREK 91.1 Atlanta (Georgia Tech) this 
afternoon for The Mobius, the specialty electronic show. I'll be 
livecoding and maybe talking about ChucK a bit.

Tune in if you're in Atlanta, otherwise you might be able to catch
the live or archived stream at http://www.wrek.org/. The show starts
at 7pm, I'll probably go on at 8pm EST.

just so I can share, recent ChucK tracks:
http://ravelite.org/music/sketches/prelude%20cffx.mp3 (a cover)

from the Atlanta Laptop Battle Finals:

keep on ChucKing,


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