[chuck-users] examples/hid/kb.ck

Spencer Salazar ssalazar at CS.Princeton.EDU
Mon Nov 27 01:10:42 EST 2006

Hi Atte,

On Nov 26, 2006, at 12:16 PM, Atte André Jensen wrote:

> 1) What's up with the "here1" lines? Some old debug that someone  
> forgot
> to remove?

Yep...  I was actually embarrassed to find those still around when I  
was doing some linux chucking last night.  So yeah, those are just  
debugging messages that I left in by accident.  Um...

> 2) What's my PC-speaker doing as a hid input device? Of course it
> doesn't work, but I'm surprised it even shows up. Did I wrongfully
> "enable" too many devices with my modifications in udev.rules.

Hmm... is it a USB speaker?  Linux's evdev module, which ChucK uses  
for its HID system, doesn't provide a reliable mechanism for telling  
if a device is a keyboard or a mouse or a joystick.  So chuck uses a  
set of simple rules based on how many buttons and axes a device has  
to determine the type of a device.  It is possible that the rules are  
too loose and are admitting your speaker as a HID.

The strangest part is that chuck only scans /dev/input/event* for  
keyboard devices.  On systems using evdev, these are supposed to  
correspond to things that claim to be HIDs (and usually only USB  
HIDs, in my experience).  So either chuck's hid system is making some  
sort of grave error (most likely), or something claiming to be 'PC  
Speaker' is claiming to be a HID device.  Either way, I would be  
curious to see what prints out running 'chuck -v5 kb.ck' on your  


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