[chuck-users] removing shreds by name from within chuck

Wallace wallacechemical at gmail.com
Tue Nov 28 05:30:05 EST 2006

> Here it is. It's chunky, messy, ugly (although I just dressed it up a
> bit for display), and what-not :-)
> You have to change the key bindings to point to some files you actually
> have on your hard drive. Besides that, the only thing to say is that
> pressing "1" lists running patterns and "2" lists all key bindings,
> those marked with a "+" are the ones running. Pressing a key a-z toggles
> the pattern (adds/removes it from the chuck virtual machine) associated
> with that key.

thank you very much!!
Your code should be included in chuck examples, I find it very useful:
every chucker should have a copy of it :)


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