[chuck-users] is some_id runnig?

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Tue Nov 28 15:59:28 EST 2006

I think it would generally be a good idea to make the results of commands
like --status and --probe accessible from within ChucK in the future, maybe
with extra information on what a shred's partents and childeren are (if any)
and so on.

Maybe something like a array returned by a function (something like "
machine.shredList()" ?)that would list the active ID's and functions like "
machine.childeren(shred-id)" that would return a array of a shred's
childeren by id, "machine.sporkTime(shred-id)" and so on.

The big question would be what to return if a shred has no childeren, it
should be possible to do something to all of a shred's childeren provided it
has any but I don't think zero length arrays are legal so I'm not sure what
condition we'd test on in that case.

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