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Tue Nov 28 19:45:42 EST 2006


> I agree that these features would be good ideas.  (For the record
> size 0 arrays are legal/possible, and, predictably, doing anything
> other than .cap() will produce an array out-of-bounds exception.)

Great! (I missed that) So .cap() could be tested for and if it is larger
then zero then the shred in question has childeren. That would be quite
workable and intuitively sensible.

> With regards to the wiki feature requests, let me say that you should
> definitely put feature requests on the wiki if you don't see them
> there already, in addition to mentioning them on the mailing list.
> For a developer thinking about new features it is a lot easier to
> look at the wiki page than to comb through the mailing list
> archives.  Id say its disorganization is just a natural consequence
> of an "unmoderated" wiki; it is still fairly easy to read through
> despite this disorganization.

I understand and I just added this as well as a proposal for "modernising"
the midi message structure that I already send to Ge.

To clarify; I'm generally favour of debating ideas first before sending them
in to the wiki since there might be better ones proposed after some talk or
the whole thing might be unnesicary.

The Wiki is great for making lists but not so great (IMHO) for talking about
what should be on those lists. Unless somebody tells me otherwise I'm going
to keep my hands off the "to-do" list entirerly because it would feel quite
rude for me to tell you guys what to do but yes; before sending in requests
it would be good to make sure they aren't already on that list.

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