[chuck-users] sporking shreds, advancing time

vb vboehm at gmx.ch
Sun Oct 8 06:17:41 EDT 2006

> Sorry if I underestimated what you were aiming at.
hehe, my aim is to understand chuck...:)

so here comes another simplified situation:

i have a little function that's, supposed to play a Sine tone. as  
function arguments i pass the freq and the duration to play.

now i want to call this function *regularly*, let's say every second.
depending on the note duration, i want to have overlaying notes.

one could say i have a "global" time, scheduling an action every  
second and i have a "local" time, the duration of the note. i would  
like to find out how to handle this situation generally in chuck.

here is an example i have come up with, sporking the function, which  
works nice.
just would like to know if that's the way to go, or wether there are  
simpler/better ways to do it.
thanks for any comments.

// my lame example:

Gain g => dac;

fun void playNote(float freq, dur duration) {
	SinOsc s => g;
	Std.rand2f(0.1, 0.8) => s.gain;
	s =< g;

while( true ) {
	now => time now1;
	spork ~ playNote(Std.rand2f(300,600), Std.rand2f(2, 8)::second);
	//playNote(Std.rand2f(100,1000), Std.rand2f(2, 8));		//calling the  
function without sporking it won't work...
	<<<"time interval",(now-now1)/ms>>>;

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