[chuck-users] String concatenation

Graham Coleman gc at gehennom.net
Mon Oct 9 13:26:36 EDT 2006


There's currently no support for building strings - strings are
immutable once they are initialized from literals. String ops
have been in development, but are waiting garbage collection to
be added.

A workaround for your task is to generate a large literal array
of filenames in text and index them:

         @=> string names[];

> By the way, I'm doing the split by elaborating on
>   SndBuf ibuf;
>   "test.aif" => ibuf.read;
>   0 => ibuf.pos;
>   WvOut ofile;
>   "out0.aif" => ofile.aifFilename;
>   ibuf => ofile => blackhole;
>   2::second => now;
>   ofile.closeFile;
> Does that look reasonable, or am I misunderstanding something (on a
> few hours' acquaintance with ChucK)?

You might need parens on the function call:




On Mon, 9 Oct 2006, Norman wrote:

> Greetings.
> Is there any support for building up strings within ChucK?
> I'd like to do something like
>     WvOut ofile;
>     0 => int idx;
>     "out" + idx + ".aif" => ofile.aifFilename;
> I'm trying to produce a script which will split an input file into
> short sections.  I think I can see how to do most of it, but can't
> work out how to generate file names.
> The "string" type is mentioned in passing in the 'type' section of
> the manual, but with no indication of what methods it might have (I
> tried "idx => ofile.append", but...).  Googling for 'string' at
> chuck.csc.princeton.edu doesn't indicate that I've missed anything
> major.  And I can't spot anything in the FAQ at <http://
> wiki.cs.princeton.edu/index.php/ChucK>, other than a `medium
> priority' note `string operations' in <http://wiki.cs.princeton.edu/
> index.php/ChucK/Dev/DoThisNow>.  Does this latter note mean that this
> isn't possible, but might be soon?

> Thanks for any pointers.
> Norman

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