[chuck-users] TextMate bundle

Tasmo djtasmo at gmail.com
Thu Oct 12 17:15:53 EDT 2006

Hi ChucK on Mac users,

I just finished my 1st version of a ChucK's language bundle for the
popular editor Textmate (http://www.macromates.com/).

The syntax file is based on Jesús Gollonet's Chuck jedit edit mode.
Thank you Jesús!

The bundle includes syntax highlighting, completition and basic ChucK
remote through basic shortcuts.

That means:
You can start the Terminal.app with chuck in loop mode (I choosed
'chuck -l --bufsize 512'),
add the actual file (without needing to save) (shortcut),
remove last patch/programm (shortcut) and
kill ChucK's engine.

Please tell me if you wish to add some features and/or correct the syntax.

The link to the first release: http://www.box.net/public/i2t4zjm4f3


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