[chuck-users] stk Ugens between -> 7

Graham Coleman gc at gehennom.net
Thu Oct 26 23:37:22 EDT 2006

More details:

It seems that for the builds that I have,
audicle and chuck on win32

the following STK ugens are not totally disconnected,
but start very very soft and take a while to get louder?

Clarinet, ModalBar, BlowHole, Saxofony, VoicForm

Haven't figured out what could be causing this yet.



On Wed, 25 Oct 2006, Graham Coleman wrote:

> ChucKtivists,
> I'm having a problem with some of the Stk Ugens in
> certain Stk instruments no longer seem to play.
> Originally I noticed the problem in audicle from
> I prepared musical material for a local music competition using ...3
> to be risk averse, but ...4 doesn't seem to play the parts using these
> instruments. Then I tracked it back to chuck.
> testStk.ck should demonstrate the basic problem--
> if you are subject you may only hear one scale by one instrument (
> testStkAll.ck tests the whole gamut of StkInstruments.
> I have not yet tested the STK Ugens that are not StkInstruments.
> I'm on win32 and using lots of deprecated names, but hopefully neither
> make a difference.
> has anyone else seen this?
> best,
> Graham

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