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Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Fri Oct 27 20:59:51 EDT 2006

Ge Wang wrote:

I think we just found the problem this morning (while tracking down
> strange Envelope behavior for some of the PLOrk pieces)!  It turns out
> that I had introduced a simple but rather significant bug into the STK
> envelope while adding the new functionalities for  This
> resulted in strange behavior in Envelope and ADSR, as well as in a good
> number of the STK instruments which internally use Envelope.

Would it be at all possible that those would cause behaviour that would
result in noticable latency? I had some of that and ADSR is one of my
suspects (amongst other canidates such as a maze of events...). If this
would be the latency that would save me a bit of debuging time.

> This is now fixed and in CVS.  Furthermore, Spencer has worked hard to
> post new versions of chuck and miniAudicle.  The newest version number
> is now  A new audicle build is also on the way.  We highly
> recommend that you update to this new version.

Hold on, I had a (to fix some of the joypad issues) then there was (fixing more joypad issues, that version of Dracula could
almost be called "Castlevania"! ;-) )

Is this newest take on later then 8-pre1? If so, does it also
contain the 8-pre1 fix (for two identical joypads) or do we now have a
accidental fork?

Sorry if this was confusing but I'm confused and I'd like to be on the
latest version as well as be sure that we agree on what version is the

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