[chuck-users] question about sporking

babiakb at bellsouth.net babiakb at bellsouth.net
Sun Oct 29 15:03:34 EST 2006

I sent a message earlier today but didn't see it.  if it comes through twice for some reason, forgive.

My problem is this: I spork a shred in code.  I do this with a reference, like, spork ~ function () @=> Shred @ reference

then when it's time to remove, i use Machine.remove( reference,id() );

the problem is, with oscillators and stks, the shreds do not stop audio cleanly.  for example, when i have phasor => lpf => dac and remove the shred, the notes stop, but a high pitched tone lingers.  also, when BlowBotl => rev => dac and remove the shred, the notes stop, but a medium pitched noise sound lingers forever.  

the time is synchronized to beat with now % T etc.  I tried chucking and unchucking the ugens at the end of every loop.  i tried with machine.add and remove from file instead of spork.  i tried setting the gain and freq to zero at the end of every loop, but all these methods result in lingering sound.

how do you completely kill the audio from a shred in code?

any help? 

thanks in advance,

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