[chuck-users] Survey on Musical Instruments

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Fri Sep 8 06:52:23 EDT 2006

Dear ChucK people.

We'd be very interested in your views:

[with apologies of cross posting]

To all musicians (acoustic and digital instrumentalists) and composers

We are doing a little survey on people's relationship with their  
instruments and tools.
It is a comparative study of the differences between acoustic and  
digital instruments
from the perspective of usability or ergonomics. Amongst many other  
things, we are
interested in the experience of playing or composing for the  
different instruments, but
also people's views on how the instrument/tool affects the musical  
ideas and what can
be played/composed.

Please help us to get an understanding of these issues by filling out  
the following survey:


We will of course present our findings when processed with a research  
paper and
online presentations.

Thanks in advance.

the ixi team

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