[chuck-users] heads up for

Graham Coleman gc at gehennom.net
Sun Sep 10 16:52:20 EDT 2006

> Greetings fellow ChucKists,


> Here is a (not so) quick summary/warning about upcoming changes in
> chuck-, to be released probably next week.

> - file i/o api's have been implemented (thanks to Martin Robinson),
> will be included soon but not in
> Sorry about that.

Go Martin!

> API deprecations.  Our discussion more or less determined that it's
> best to unify the naming scheming now before things get further out of
> hand, particularly for UGen names and such.  So the current solution
> deprecates the object names in question and provides more consistent
> naming.  By default, when a deprecated name, such as 'sinosc', is
> encountered, a warning will be issued, such as 'line(1): deprecated:
> 'sinosc' --> use: 'SinOsc''.  The behavior should be otherwise
> unchanged.  In other words the program should still work as before.
> We've also added a --deprecate flag that allows you to stop, warn, or
> ignore upon encountering a deprecated item.  The default is 'warn'.

This sounds like a pretty reasonable solution. So, for the next few
releases, someone should be able to --deprecate:ignore to run their
old code without any change in behavior.

> A few more UGen's.  From another discussion on list, also by popular
> demand, it seems convenient to have out-of-the-box filters, in addition
> to general 1st and 2nd order filters (OnePole/Zero, BiQuad, etc.).
> We've examined and plundered from Csound, SC, and PD source code, and
> chuckified a few UGen's.  We are going to do this in installments,
> adding various UGens every release.  In, They include:


> We'd appreciate your feedback on these.  For example:
> 1. api changes are in general, not reasons for group celebration.  what
> can be done to further smooth the transition?
> 2. new naming optimal?
> 3. anything else

It's hard to tell what's optimal, and people dislike change in general,
but I think deprecation is a good way to deal with it.


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