[chuck-users] heads up for

Ge Wang gewang at CS.Princeton.EDU
Sun Sep 10 20:17:47 EDT 2006

Hi Matt and Kassen!

> I'd still prefer all lower case or even being case insensitive for 
> everything but user-defined stuff.

Some of us (me, for one) have a liking to lower case (and underscores) 
for some reason, which probably contributed to the existing lower case 
naming.  However, we also felt that uppercase names for other stuff 
(Object, Event, UGen, STK UGens) was best, too.  As we've all noted, 
this isn't so good for consistency.  Another case of on-the-fly API 
design...  After trying out the new uppercase system for a while (I had 
to convert all the examples and test them), it did grow on me.  Either 
that or I was delusional...

> So; it's not my own first choice but now it's consistent. Being 
> consistent is good for learning syntax quickly and it decreases 
> confusion.

Yup, I guess we should see in coming months how this works out.

> One area I'd like to include in this is ugen parameters. Right now 
> they are;
>  LikeThis.likeThis
> for STK ones and
> LikeThis.like_this

Good idea.  Since we are making api changes, we should update these as 
well.  Thoughts from others?

> All of this is just my own thoughts and I'm dyslexic so basing 
> anything on my sugestions about writing may or may not lead to 
> explosions, mild nausia, getting ex-communicated or sudden death.

Those risks reminds of something... oh yeah: chuck.


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