[chuck-users] I don't get the hint (more static stuff)

Ge Wang gewang at CS.Princeton.EDU
Mon Sep 11 16:24:43 EDT 2006

Hi Kassen!

> I wanted to have a static array of strings within a public class. This 
> turns out not to be allowed yet but there is hope; instead of a plain 
> error I got a hint;
> "cannot declare static non-primitive ojects (yet) (hint; declare as 
> ref (@) and initialise outside for now)"

Oh no.  You've stumbled upon the disaster within a disaster.

The bigger disaster, of course, is that static variables don't work 
properly yet (you have to initialize Objects outside the class).  The 
nested disaster within that is because strings are treated as 
primitives in parts of the type-checker, and as objects in others.  
This is a priority bug but is dependent on garbage collection.  Yikes.  
So, for now, no static strings.  You would need a wrapper to achieve 
the same effect.

class StupidHack
     string m_str;

public class X
     static StupidHack @ our_hack;

new StupidHack @=> X.our_hack;
"hello" @=> X.our_hack.m_str;

Very very sorry about this...  Doh.


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