[chuck-users] I don't get the hint (more static stuff)

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Mon Sep 11 17:02:14 EDT 2006

> Very very sorry about this...  Doh.

Don't be. On further reflection it turned out that the thing I needed wasn't
realy static strings and more like public strings that would remain the same
for the cource of the program which is way, way easier and just involves
defining the string inside of the class, then not touching it.

I'll be needing proper static strings later but for now I'm fine.

I did indeed stumble upon some quite weird stuff trying to fix it and
suspected they were a bit but not completely like primitives already, I
think I won't try to get deeper into them untill the fix gets here. My plan
was to make some stuff more readble so if it works the simple way for now...

Thanks for the explanation,
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