[chuck-users] adsr

Ge Wang gewang at CS.Princeton.EDU
Mon Sep 11 21:39:16 EDT 2006

Hi Eduard and Jukka!

I think we've found the "source" of the problem:

> 23:52:45 - eaylon at jupiter:/CHUCK/chuck_dev/src$ make osx

The CVS source is actually not in src, which has the old v1 code, but 
in chuck_dev/v2/.  Please update in v2 and 'make osx'.  Hopefully that 
should work.

We need to do something about src...  what a disaster on our part.


make osx --> compiles for either ppc or intel
make osx-ub --> universal binary

I think this should allow us to have cake and devour it too.  Yum...

Please let us know if this works.


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