[chuck-users] Reading materials.

Vassili Slessarenko urbanmuzak at urbanplexus.net
Tue Sep 12 07:48:42 EDT 2006

Hey you all,

Just a question I have meant to ask for a long time. I'm looking for
good literature (be it e-book or paperback) on Audio DSP, Algorithmic
Composition, and perhaps Object Oriented programming. Not being a CS
student I am just trying to get into the whole world of
Chuck/PD/Reaktor, I do have basic programming skills, but largely feel
they are not enough, especially without the understanding of how audio
signals work.

I have found one book very useful. It is by Miller Puckette - "Theory
and Techniques of Electronic Music". It is quite heavy reading though
and not much is sinking in I find....

I am particularly interested in how-to use programming techniques to
transform algorithms into sound and a reference on what are the basic
building blocks of common audio effects or how to create them. For
example right now I am trying to replicate a hardware delay I own into a
software model so that I can extend the delay time beyond that of the
hardware one (for some crazy looping fun), but also I want to set up all
sorts of EQ filters on both input and output of the signal and can't
quite get my head around doing it in Reaktor even.

So this question is mostly for Perry and Ge I guess as they are teaching
chuck and such to uni students, but I welcome any responses :)

Could someone just give me a list of essential readings (and maybe some
of the extended, just in case I want to see things in more detail) to be
able to work with ChucK/PD/Reaktor?

Thanks a lot in advance,


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