[chuck-users] Reading materials.

Chris Share cshare01 at qub.ac.uk
Tue Sep 12 08:02:51 EDT 2006

Here are some suggestions:


A DSP primer : with applications to digital audio and computer music by 
Ken Steiglitz

Signal processing first by James H. McClellan, Ronald Schafer and Mark Yoder

DAFX : digital audio effects Udo Zölzer, editor

Computer music : synthesis, composition, and performance by Charles 
Dodge, Thomas A. Jerse

The Csound book : perspectives in software synthesis, sound design, 
signal processing, and programming edited by Richard Boulanger




Vassili Slessarenko wrote:
> Hey you all,
> Just a question I have meant to ask for a long time. I'm looking for
> good literature (be it e-book or paperback) on Audio DSP, Algorithmic
> Composition, and perhaps Object Oriented programming. Not being a CS
> student I am just trying to get into the whole world of
> Chuck/PD/Reaktor, I do have basic programming skills, but largely feel
> they are not enough, especially without the understanding of how audio
> signals work.
> I have found one book very useful. It is by Miller Puckette - "Theory
> and Techniques of Electronic Music". It is quite heavy reading though
> and not much is sinking in I find....
> I am particularly interested in how-to use programming techniques to
> transform algorithms into sound and a reference on what are the basic
> building blocks of common audio effects or how to create them. For
> example right now I am trying to replicate a hardware delay I own into a
> software model so that I can extend the delay time beyond that of the
> hardware one (for some crazy looping fun), but also I want to set up all
> sorts of EQ filters on both input and output of the signal and can't
> quite get my head around doing it in Reaktor even.
> So this question is mostly for Perry and Ge I guess as they are teaching
> chuck and such to uni students, but I welcome any responses :)
> Could someone just give me a list of essential readings (and maybe some
> of the extended, just in case I want to see things in more detail) to be
> able to work with ChucK/PD/Reaktor?
> Thanks a lot in advance,
> Vassili.
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