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On 9/13/06, babiakb at bellsouth.net <babiakb at bellsouth.net> wrote:
> and you could always kill someone with it if you had to . . . :)


To be fair, this was a event with extra security since there had been a big
debate about the main act who supposedly held nazi sympathies.... Oh, and
antifa's had anounced they'd show up as well. So; it was a bit tense but me&
some friends wanted to know what was up and I anticipated needing reading
material on the train. I would've checked that bag in anyway but it's true;
it's a brick of a book.

Some bits are dated but most of it is quite universal and timeless.

The show, in case anybody cares, was "der blutharsh" and while there was
some interesting use of unconventional acoustic percussion I didn't see any
reason to get that upset or excited.

Oh, well....

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