[chuck-users] Reading materials/new music

Bradford Garton garton at columbia.edu
Wed Sep 13 00:45:51 EDT 2006

On Tue, 12 Sep 2006, babiakb at bellsouth.net wrote:

> if you are just trying 
> to make good new electronic music of any genre, ableton is the simplest 
> path from brain to speaker, whether glitch, electro, classical, indie 
> pop, trance, you name it.

As I count more and more birthdays, I've learned that simple declarative 
sentences about a wide range of human behaviour just don't work.  Ableton 
drives me crazy, but you have to bear in mind that I'm an old guy who uses 
stuff like rtcmix (and of course some chuck) for most of my musical work. 
And I'm definitely not one of those "stars of music".  Oh well.  :-)

I did just put a bunch of music on-line from this summer, however.  If 
you're so inclined, check out:


The "summer2006" and "mando::summer" series use a lot of chuck/chuck~ and 
RTcmix/rtcmix~ (as well as plugins constructed using them) for the sound 
synthesis and processing.


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