[chuck-users] adsr envelopes

babiakb at bellsouth.net babiakb at bellsouth.net
Thu Sep 14 22:22:48 EDT 2006

i was wondering how to use the stk adsr.  the best way i found was the following:

sinosc wave => ADSR env => dac;

env.attackTime(0.3 => float a);
env.decayTime(0.2 => float d);
env.sustainLevel(0.2 => float s);
env.releaseTime(0.3 => float r);
a + d => float ontim;

1 => env.keyOn;
ontim::second => now;
1 => env.keyOff;
r::second => now;

is this what you all do?  how do you run adsr, is there an easier way?  

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