[chuck-users] Shirts

Graham Coleman gc at gehennom.net
Fri Sep 22 22:45:49 EDT 2006

I forgot to mention the mode of production of my t-shirt.

My friend had a party where we were doing this.

He had a roll of acetate (like the stuff in overhead projector
transparencies). We printed out designs from an inkjet printer and used an
xacto knife to cut out the stencil.

Then we mixed half and half acrylic paint and fabric medium. We used a
paint roller to paint the design over the stencil.

All in all it was a good time, and not too much work. I'm still
experimenting with hand-painting to get the classic 3-color logo.


On Sat, 23 Sep 2006, Kassen wrote:

> Esteemed ChucKists...
> It seems that the shirt plan has drifted to the bottom of the priority
> stack.
> There were some ideas on that but nothing final.
> We had a picture of Guile (from Street Fighter), we had "chuck spork shred",
> "realtime isn't fast enough" and it occured to me that "powertools can maim"
> (from the Audicle video) would be fun as well. I might have missed one or
> two?
> I still think we need a shirt but I myself suck at organising such things.
> Is there still demand?
> Can we reach a consensus on a good slogan/design?
> Is there somebody with convenient access to a press and organisational
> responcibility?
> else is something like cafe press acceptable?
> I'll just asume at least somebody can make a design conform to printers
> demands?
> On the other hand, perhaps this plan drifted away from the list's atention
> because Tshirts might be completely out of fashion and now everybody wants
> sloganed chamber-robes?
> Kas.

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