[chuck-users] ckx files ?

Ge Wang gewang at CS.Princeton.EDU
Mon Apr 2 18:03:01 EDT 2007


> I have just implemented my first simple test class in C and I had no 
> problem linking it statically into the chuck executable and importing it 
> (by adding a couple of lines to chuck_compile.cpp.


> But this is probably not the intended / most elegant way of deploying
> contributions :-)

Nope, though unfortunately for all, it is for ChucK...

> I read about  ckx files in the developer's guide
> http://chuck.cs.princeton.edu/doc/develop/
> Sounds like "The Way" (tm).

Yes, .ckx files are indeed intended to be "The Way" (tm).  They were 
mostly working in the old frankenstein chuck release, but due to framework 
"enhancements" in chuck-1.2 ckx import was disabled and we haven't gotten 
around to putting it back.

> so... any  additional api/compiler flags needed to create those ckx files?
> how do I load them from within chuck?
> Could you point me to some examples?

Unfortunately, there is not much we can do at this point until the ckx 
import feature returns (and return it shall, though the timetable is 


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