[chuck-users] kilo-shred crashing!

Kassen signal.automatique at gmail.com
Mon Apr 2 18:17:44 EDT 2007


> Heh, ChucK is certiainly good at generating new sorts of issues!

Indeed and cheerfully so.

> (Are you sure we can't blame ChucK?)

Well, that computer will have issues over nearly anything and needs a reboot
or two a day. It needs a re-install, I'll probably set her up with Ubuntu.

 To make sure I have facts straight:
> this is running command line chuck (or miniAudicle) on XP?

Well, both. The Mini has the added advantage of slowly increasing it's shred
counter before bailing.

I postulate this may be the unfinished garbage collector catching up with
> us.  What type of things are happening in these thousands of shreds?  New
> unit generators allocated?  String concatenation?  new objects?

None of those. The only thing those shreds have that would alocate memory is
their arguments and the results of calculations being send to ugen members.
I was quite carefull there but I might've made a mistake somwhere. It
started crashing before I could sort out matters like functionality...

> Kilo-shreds, and even mega/giga/(probably not tera yet)-shreds should be
> well within the normal chuckian operational range, assuming they don't do
> things that compell ChucK to leak loads of memory.

Right. That's what I thought.

  (In the end, I am
> fairly certain it *is* ChucK's fault)  Can you post a perhaps simplified
> version of the kilo-shred that is causing this disaster?

Yeah, I'll try to nail it down tomorow.

To be sure; this initial test *was* ineficient and I was expecting trouble
but this was a bit much.

By the way, we are making progress on garbage collection though nothing is
> enabled in the release.  We'll definite priority boost GC.  To sort
> of quote Samuel L. Jackson: I have had it with this muthachucking garbage
> in this muthachucking language!

I'm fairly sure garbage collection won't help in this particular case. I'm
generating two shreds per samp right now so that's a lot of shreds at any
given time even before there is a chance for anything to become garbage.
I'll try to nail down a simplified yet issue-causing version.

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